Suzi Quatro is receiving the Life Achievement Award at the 2013 Detroit Music Awards! We are pleased that Suzi who blazed so many trails for women in rock, is being honored. It is true that Suzi really wanted to be respected as a musician not just a 'cute" girl with a guitar.  No "pop tart" status for this girl.

A native Detroiter..Suzi grew up listening to the very best musicians from all categories.  Her father,   the marvelous Art Quatro, had Suzi drumming in his jazz trio early on. But her lightning bolt moment came when she saw Elvis on TV. Suzi knew what she wanted to do from age 5...

Suzi had (HAS) DRIVE...she knew what she wanted and went after it on her own terms.  This path had to be a difficult one as she was so cute and petite. The men in the music business tried to turn her into everyone from Janis Joplin to LULU!! But this Detroit girl wasn't having any part of that nonsense...

"I would never accept having my career molded by other people...Suzi Quatro"

Suzi and her sisters Arlene, Patti, and Nancy (The Pleasure Seekers/Cradle) played many times on the same bill with the MC5, SRC, Amboy Dukes, and many more Detroit rock legends. This was during the rock hey day of the Eastown/Grande ballroom years (late 1960s early 1970s).

She comes by that "I want to be taken seriously as a musician" attitude naturally.. She was a player in the most incredible time to create music. Detroit in the late 60's early 70's blew the music world into bits . In my opinion, the world is still clamoring for the musical energy that comes from Detroit.

Susan Kay "Suzi" Quatro (born 3 June 1950) is a Detroit born and British-based American singer-songwriter, bass guitar player, and actor.

In the 1970s Quatro scored a string of hit singles that found greater success in Europe and Australia than in her homeland. But, following a recurring role as a female bass player on the popular American sitcom Happy Days, her duet "Stumblin' In" with Chris Norman reached number 4 in the USA.

Quatro has sold over 50 million records and continues to perform live, worldwide. Her most recent album was released in 2011. Suzi appears in many musical stage productions in London where she has lived for many years.


Nightcrier said...

Nice writing and great insight into a Detroit legend... and if she isn't a legend, then who is? Looking forward to sharing the stage on 4/19 at The Fillmore. Historic on all accounts.

Nightcrier said...

Great article, nice historical view of a Detroit rock icon. Looking forward to her appearance at the 2013 DMA show. Even more history in the making that night, I'm thinking.

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