Retrokimmer at the Detroit Music Awards 2013...sneaked up to the podium to present a bottle of water award to the Ruiners!

I got downtown really early, about 4:15pm.  I met up with my pal David Winans II who was nominated in a few categories.  DW2 told me we had to rush over the Centaur Club for the Pre-Award show.  I didn't know there was such a thing!

David Winans II and his pal at the Centaur Club

So we left the Fillmore and ran around the block freezing to death...but when we arrived it was the most jamming party I have ever seen...and I have seen quite a few LOL 

I grabbed a table up front where my facebook girlfriend  Nina Simone Simms-Bentley was managing the award table among other duties.

Nina Simone Simms-Bentley manning the award table....

David Winans II and Nina Simone Simms-Bentley

To much delight I discovered legendary bassist Tony (T Money) Green sitting right behind me!  We all became great friends at the Centaur club! I managed not to spill my red cranberry drink on his beautiful white suit! I will be doing a profile on T Money soon....

Paul Miles and T Money Green

It was a joy to run into my dear buddies Carrie and Skid Marx...I introduced them to DWII.  Saw Greg Upshur and his lovely wife Terese. The Seatbelts were up for the same award the Ruiners won.

 Laura Mendoza of White Shag with Skid and Carrie

 Eliza Neals and T Money

 Eliza Neals came in a bit late but in time to pick up two DMA's...She had on the coolest shoes...I wish I had taken a photo!!

As I was frantically searching for my lost coat at the Centaur...I turned around and standing right behind me was PAUL MILES.... I freaked out and said to him OMG you are Paul Miles!  He flashed that big grin at me and gave me a little hug. Watch this cool video"Desert Bloom"

Had to shoot the gorgeous Fox Theater Marquee since I parked right in front of it! Would have liked to have seen Cathy Rigby as Peter Pan....

As I was waiting in line to pick up my media passes, I ran into Billy Wilson the Director of the Motown Alumni Association.  Billy and I have been friends since high school.  So as luck would have it...

Billy hooked me up sitting with Karen DiChiera Director of Community Programs at the Michigan Opera Theater! I fell in love with this wonderful lady and she has invited me to the Beethoven Opera tomorrow for the matinee.   Can't wait!!! Thanks BILLY......

Karen is in the center with the crutches... with a beautiful entourage

"Eat Your Heart Out" was filmed at Heritage Church / Wade Show Carnival in Sterling Heights, Michigan, by Madonna University film students.

The Ruiners are Nina Friday (Backup Vocals), Justin Hall (Guitar), Rob Moon (Drums), Liz Ruiner (Bass Guitar), and Rick Ruiner (Lead Vocals).

Scott Richardson the lead singer and songwriter from legendary Michigan band SRC was on hand as was talented music writer  Jaan Uhelszki.  Maybe SRC will be up for the Lifetime Achievement Award SOON? 

Scott Richardson and Jaan Uhelszki

Suzi Quatro photo: Richard Blondy

All healed from her horrific accident last year...Suzi fired up the audience with some Detroit sty;e rock n roll.  It was a reall treat to see my favorite Amboy Duke lead singer John Drake duet with Suzi...lovely moment.

 Miss Martha Reeves made an unexpected appearance and sang a bit of "Jimmy Mack" for us!

 I finally met James Anderson and Thornetta Davis! Detroit's Diva.....Catch her show it is really great...


David Winans II with Gabe Gonzalez and party-ers at the Fillmore

Marq Speck from Sweet Crystal swept the awards with 5 wins!!!

I was sitting in the top left center most of the night... David Winans was laughing at how hard it was keeping up with me in the crowd...I get dragged off a lot....either to take photos or be in them....

Detroit singer KEM was fantastic! I wanted him to play for another hour.....he is the really something different.  Buy his record!

 My gal pals DMA winner Linda Lexy and Susie Forkin

Loved seeing Sweet Crystal, Tino, Lexy, Funky D Records and the Ruiners all win last night!

Billy knows I love going backstage and in the rafters of these old theaters....Here is Billy playing a little tune on stage....

Congratulations to all the winners and the performers were kick ass this year! I really enjoyed sitting and watching the show.  Thanks so much to Cheri Clair, Howard Hertz, the Fillmore staff as they are so GREAT! and to my escorts David Winans II and Mr. Billy Wilson... xxK

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