Jacqueline Marie (Jackie Wallace)

Felix the Wannabe Firefly by Metamora's own Jacqueline Marie (Jackie Wallace) Thursday evening at Ani's Cafe in Shelby Twp. was a fun filled success.

The evening began with warm welcomes and conversation, followed by a singer/songwriter performance by a very talented acoustic vocal musician, Allie Shermetaro. Just 13 years old, Allie is gaining attention from the musical community and was a perfect choice for the evening.

Felix the Wannabe Firefly
by Jacqueline Marie

Being a firefly is what Felix wants most. But that's the one thing Felix is not. He's a glowworm. All the fireflies tease him because he's just a glowworm. But when the leader of the firefly pack, Bruno, is captured in a jar, it's up to Felix to save him. Even though he's not a firefly, does Felix the Wannabe Firefly have what it takes to rescue Bruno?

Click above to pre-order your copy today....Release date is April 23, 2013

Jackie with author Denise Brennan-Nelson

Introducing Jackie, and an accomplished author, Denise Brennan-Nelson delivered an incredibly touching story about their friendship and was a pivotal presence and constant reminder for Jackie to tell this eloquent story. After a reading of Felix the Wannabe Firefly, Jackie welcomed photographs and book signing.

Jackie, Denise and Jill Fleisher
Ani's Caffe provided the perfect venue for an evening like this. An eclectic, cool and comfortable coffee house. The owners/operators Ani and Kevin Sharpe are a very nice couple and the perfect host/hostess for the evenings event.

Congratulations again Jackie and much success to you in the future!  Jill Fleisher

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