David Winans II 

David Winans II (DW2) is the eldest sibling of the Legendary Detroit Gospel Family, The Winans. To say music is in DW2's DNA would be totally accurate. He is an accomplished Viola player as well as Lead Guitarist and Bassist. DW2 is also a very good vocalist like his siblings.  However, This Winan chose another path..David Winans II chose to ROCK...

We are close in age and of course we both love the same Detroit Rock n Roll/Motown legends . That topic we basically skimmed over. we talked about many different genres of music. DW2 told me that the first band to really blow his mind was YES... Lots of guys in high school loved YES but it did set me back a bit to listen to one of the Winans talking about YES! Quite unexpected and very true to our Detroit area roots...We really grew up listening to everything!

David interviewed for the Detroit Bass Players Group in the BASS MINT with our pals interviewer Ivan Williams and host Reginald Canty.  Check it out....

DW2 is into progressive rock and the complexity and sophistication of its music. Bands like Gentle Giant, Yes, King Crimson, Genesis, Roxy Music, Chicago, Jethro Tull and I think we even touched on Sun RA. Progressive rock crosses many musical genres including folk, soul, jazz, and classical. Not for the faint of heart!

One of his early bands was Xairia they were a Los Angeles progressive rock group in the late 70s - early 80s. The nucleus consisted of Veech Malone on bass, David Winans II on Guitar and Mike Anderssen on drums. Xairia had two vocalists, Rick Murphy and David Lamb. 

 Xairia Hollywood,Ca '79

Steve Lovely, David Winans II, Christie Love, Sandy Lovely: @ Apartment on Cheremoya & Franklin... Hollywood, Ca '79, first draft of Xairia & Pi

They had many different keyboardists, Beverly Neisius aka Pepsi and several others. Xairia has a ton of free downloadable tunes on PodOmatic/Xairia listen to them, they're great!....

David's current project is David Winan's Pi. This band consists of DW2 – Bass/ Vocals/ Keyboards, Greg Nelson - Guitar and Vocals, Mike Livy- Drums, Nick Pigeon-Guitar.  This is a hot band!

Nick Pigeon is a young guitarist we interviewed (a couple of years ago). He has really transformed into an amazing guitarist that has bite and a huge future to come...

We will be meeting up with DW2 at the Detroit Music Awards April 19 2013 at The Fillmore! Davod will be performing with Marq Speck and Sweet Crystal

Congratulations on your nominations!!

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