Ah isn't this book cover fantastic?? I received a charming email last week from Titan the publisher of this new book on The Avengers TV Show. They asked me if might like a complimentary copy of their book! OH HECK YES! Please send me the book!

We'll I got it today! One it is coffee table sized with tons fabulous photos of the many different actors and actresses from the Avengers show over the years. If you love this show as much as I do this new book is a must add to your Holiday shopping lists! Wait until my Mom see my new book! Being a huge Diana Rigg fan, I sat right down to pour over the never seen before high quality photos of this iconic show of the 1960's!

Review from an Amazon buyer:

Just received this book today and its a winner. Another great publication by Titan. Jam packed with photos in the 160 pages, and I wish it was twice the size. Great celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Avengers TV show that was so much fun.

Fans of the series will love this book, the size is nice and large, providing great coverage with the many photos that take us back to that special time. There has never been another show like it, and the great John Steed and Emma Peel never looked better. Of course, this book covers the entire run of the show (minus the New Avengers from the 70s), each season getting it's fair share of exposure. I love these books, full of fun and pictures, and leaving you wanting more.
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Brian Tourville said...

The Avengers, I Spy, The Man from UNCLE .. magic times :)

Dee Gilbert said...

I remember this show when I was very young and I loved the accents and thought she was the most beautiful lady!
You never cease to amaze me.I love your last piece on The trade center and you looked great in the photos,so did your daughter the artist and everyone.I really enjoyed it.
Seems as if things are going very well for you Kim, I am glad...

Holly Shay Rotter said...

LOVE Diana Rigg!!

BrandO said...


Fast Film said...

As a pre-teen I once bought a ballet picture book solely from its enticing cover: Rudolf Nureyev hoisting Margot Fonteyn above him mid-arc, grainy and sweaty, in rehearsal. Only a tad later in my life did I realize the genesis of its appeal to me. Nureyev, despite same gender preference in real life, looked like he was going down on her, albeit very acrobatically.

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