In honor of my friend Scott's birthday I am going to share these photos and some of the best SRC (Scot Richard Case) music. First a little history on one of my favorite of all rock bands!

This is one of my favorite songs of all time.... Dig EG Clawson on the kit, Glenn Q on Keyboards and Scott's gorgeous vocals. In the Eye of the Storm:

The SRC was formed by combining lead vocalist Scott Richardson, of The Chosen Few, with local band The Fugitives, which featured Glenn Quackenbush, Gary Quackenbush, and drummer E.G. Clawson (RIP), all based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Detroit could really rock it but Ann Arbor had it's own music world. Now days people generally refer to the Ann Arbor bands as being "Detroit" rock n roll. That's ok we don't mind, but to be from Ann Arbor in the late 60's was rock heaven to us at Gallup Park, West Park, Bowen Fieldhouse, Hill Auditorium and more.

We claim SRC, Bob Seger, Scott Morgan and The Rationals, Deon Jackson, Ted Nugent lived here, MC5 lived here too and of course The Stooges grew up here. What a town! Jeep Holland, manager of Discount Records in Ann Arbor, owned A2 Records also the manager of Scott Morgan and The Rationals, became their manager. Jeep suggested Richardson as lead singer. Second guitarist Steve Lyman, and Bass player Robin Dale were added later. The only two original members and the creative force behind the songwriting are Scott Richardson and Glenn Quackenbush.

The Chosen Few
I asked Scott tonight on the phone which of his SRC tunes he liked best and the very first one he said was MY favorite too! Checkmate! I used to play the grooves right off this song. Hope you all dig this song too...
Jeep Holland, later served as one of Russ Gibb's booking agents and was associated with many of the top Detroit based artists of his time such as my pals in the MC5, The Thyme,). They formed the Scot Richard Case (band), later known as SRC.

A review of the first SRC album: This album is quintessential 1968 with it's magical lyrics and intense music . . . Lyrics reference literature, mythology, physics, metaphysics, and mathematics (the space between two points within the boundary of time is only numbers on a clock, a never ending line . . . . Most young bands tha followed featured the SRC's powerful single, "Black Sheep" as part of their set lists. Scott Richardson, relocated to Los Angeles and became involved in films. He served as writer on Hearts of Fire, which starred Bob Dylan and worked on sets for two of The Lord of the Rings films, wrote screenplays, was creative coordinator on Hail Hail Rock n Roll (Chuck Berry) and also wrote a novel called "King of the Shadows." 

SRC was a band that musically sounded more like an orchestra than just a "band". It was impossible to believe that a small group of musicians could produce such layered complicated music and lyrics. There were many bands that had a similar sound. King Crimson, Thunderclap Newman, and Quicksilver Messenger Service, but mostly they were one hit wonder bands. SRC's music is timeless. The original line up was as follows: Scott Richardson (vocals), Steve Lyman (rhythm guitar and vocals), Gary Quackenbush (lead guitar), Glenn Quackenbush (organ), Robin Dale (bass and vocals) and E.G. Clawson (Drums). With growing popularity, the band split from Jeep Holland and began to open in and around Detroit for several national and international artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Traffic, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin and The Mamas & the Papas among others. 

Soon after the success of their first record the band began to work on a second album. Milestones was released in March 1969. From this album they released the single "Up All Night" / "Turn Into Love" (Capitol) in 1969. Discography Singles •"I'm So Glad"/ "Who Is That Girl" (as "The Scot Richard Case", 1967, A-Square) •"Get The Picture" (as "The Old Exciting Scot Richard Case")/ "I Need You" (by "The Early Rationals") (1967, A-Square) •"Black Sheep" / "Morning Mood" (1968, Capitol Records) •"Up All Night" / "Turn Into Love" (1969, Capitol Records) •"Never Before Now" / "My Fortune's Coming True" (1970, Capitol Records) •"Born To Love" / "Badaz Shuffle" (1971, Big Casino Records) •"Out In The Night" / "Gypsy Eyes" (1972, Rare Earth Records) Albums •SRC (1968, Capitol Records) •Milestones (1969, Capitol Records) •Traveler's Tale (1970, Capitol Records)


Patti Quatro said...

awesome piece kim.......loved it and scott will too.

Michael D Murphy said...

Happy Birthday, Scott!

Geri Rubello Gillespie said...

Kim, your page is great, SRC, brings back a lot of great memories, I'M SO GLAD!! I used to wish I lived in A2 just so I could see them up close...

John Troutman said...

John Troutman Happy Birthday Scott!!

A teenage version of me called Gary Quackenbush to tell him he's a great guitarist and how much I love SRC.
I didn't account for the 3 time zone difference.
He wasn't too glad to hear from me... I meant well, though!

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Very nice, Kim.

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Happy Birthday Scott. Thanks for being so instrumental in putting THE ODYSSEY on the map! Nice article, Kim.

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Happy Birthday,S.R.
Come back to us ! Your lyrics/words are timeless and epic