Cool Poster by Guitarist Rick Mills!

Hey gang! Finally got all my photos edited and lucky for all of us Alex Upshur came out to video The Seatbelts and Ruiners last night! He has such talent and a fantastic camera... am so envious. Alex is working on a music video for The Seatbelts and was there shooting incidental shots. His website is GreenRayStudios.com

I begged him to make a video for my story and it is in processing right now! It is ready poor Alex worked on this all day! Thanks so much Alex!!! Your video is so high quality! I wish I liked editing video better than I do...

Fabulous Guitarist Rick Mills

Nina Friday Susie Forkin and Catherine Hunter

Well The Madhatter and I got a late start last night and arrived at Smalls in Hamtramck around 10:30 pm and the place was hoppin! So glad to see so many of my friends were there to see these 2 really great bands.

Greg Upshur

Well it was great fun seeing the Seatbelts and The Ruiners play again. I was there for the SB's reunion show in August. The pairing of the Seatbelts together with the Ruiners was a brilliant idea!

I was fairly certain that Alex Upshur would be there supporting his dad Greg Upshur lead singer for the SB's. It was great news for me that when I walked into the show room I saw a young camera guy. Had never met Alex in person so I just handed him my RK post card so he would know who I was without me having to scream over the band.

Photo: Gaetano Urso

Here is a gang of happy folks from last night! Right in the front are Alex Upshur and his girlfriend Sara. What a fun bunch of folks! Lots of the Upshur family were present Mom and kids, Stonee Moran (Skid's daughter), Skid Marx, Me, Carrie Marx and someone write in to tell me who I missed? We saw Guitarist Gary Adams as we were leaving! Got a brief moment to talk with him while I searched the club for my missing red glove :(.

Liz Ruiner!

Hey we want to talk with Liz! She magically appears then disappears too! Hey Liz I want to interview you! I did stand right by Liz and watched her play (so good!) and she reminds me of Suzi Quatro with her low slung bass guitar!

 Gaetano Urso Skid Marx and Tony Bojanic

Finally met guitarist Gaetano Urso and so charming and sweet! He so kindly took my camera and lined up a huge group shot! He nailed it in one take! Such a nice guy and great musician too!

RK, Rich and Michelle Houndsell 

Linda Lexy Nina Friday and Rick Ruiner

I came in and sat with Rick Ruiner and his friends from school. Really nice folks. What a total drag though is I lost one of my new Red leather gloves! So bummed... just got them too.

Didn't see the Hatter all night until after the show ended. I heard him introducing the bands. It was a very lovely room with everyone in fine spirit. Hamtramck is a nice town with great clubs to go see a show. Friendly and helpful. One of the Smalls' owners even helped look for my missing red gloves.

Also on hand were Ms Lexy and her favorite drummer Tino Gross of the Howling Diablos. We also got a new set of autographed drum sticks to add to our shelf of honor! Tony B gave me his sticks from the gig last night! I love them and Tony B does such a great job drumming for the Seatbelts.

It was so nice to see Wendy Starz and Susie Forkin of the Motor City Rah Rahs. They sparkle up every room they walk in. Such spirit and joy!

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Rick Ruiner said...

"That night was an absolute blast!"

Skid n Carrie said...


Skid n Carrie said...

AS Always!!! Thanks!

Rick Ruiner said...

Thank you so much Kim! AND thank you for dancing with me! :)

Shawn McTigue Watson said...

Very talented! Wow really enjoyed that.

Rick Ruiner said...

Thanks so much for all the cool posts Kim! Btw, I don't think I saw you wearing gloves when you came in (but I could be wrong)? It seems like something i would have noticed on you. Could they be in your car? I am sorry if you lost them! :( That is a DRAG! xox

Retro Kimmer said...

You are right Rick and if I had worn them they would have been in my purse too! At your suggestion I went in my car and found 1 RED GLOVE!!! Now am missing one but it is my fault and not a theft. Maybe I will call Smalls today.

Patti Quatro said...

Kim always RAWKS the photos!!!!!!!

Rick Ruiner said...

Rick Ruiner
:) It may not hurt to ask the bar to look to see if its there on the ground. I am not sure how willing they would be, but if just a matter of running outside in back, I am sure someone there would.

LINDA LEXY said...

Thank you, Kimmer!! It's fun to have you party with us in the "hood"!! ;D XO

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