I had this case and the Blonde Bubble Haired Barbie too

I found this very cool article today, Interview with David Trinidad and thought some of my incurable collector readers would enjoy this! I love David Trinidad's work and now I know we have a lot more than poetry in common... I am dying to go see his makeup and doll collections!

David Trinidad: My whole adult life I’ve collected books and movies—I’m a sort of a DVD addict. I don’t think of those, though, as real collections. For certain authors I love, I’ll buy different editions of the same books—not to read, but as objects. In that regard I think of book collecting as real collecting. But I have more formal collections.

Yardley Slicker Lipstick Collection

The biggest ones are vintage Barbies and Yardley makeup from the ’60s. Yardley made a line of makeup for teenage girls that was very Mod—their lip stick/gloss was called Slicker and their eye shadow was called Glimmerick, and the packaging had lots of colorful stripes and curlicues.

I also have some minor collections: comic books; Troll dolls; a line of dollhouse furniture, also from the ’60s, called Petite Princess; board games; Liddle Kiddles, which were these small dolls produced by Mattel; toy theaters; and movie memorabilia, particularly Valley of the Dolls.

Photos by Nick Twemlow.

Read the full interview HERE

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