Hey gang! I was checking Deniz Tek's Facebook Fan Page tonight and I saw that two fans from down under had posted some really great tributes for Deniz and Radio Birdman. They were so cool I decided to post them for all the fans of Deniz, RB and just because I love this kind of memorabilia.
From Dale Leo:
My own piece of Australian Rock n Roll Memorabilia - Priceless!!! The bloke in the photo with Deniz was the happiest kid in the world that night...thanks Deniz

From Radio Birdman fan Mark Wilson:

Last Tuesday night at The Sando I was lucky enough to be present to see two of the greatest guitarist's in Australia, (and their rock solid rhythm section) reunite for an absof'inglutely scorching set, finishing with the RB classic, Aloha Steve and Dano that almost brought the house down.

During the break my Daughter wandered off to see if she could get a copy of Radio Birdman live in Texas signed, 5mins later she returned with Deniz Tek in tow to officially endorse my Birdman tattoo. At the end of the night the always cheerful Klondike was also happy to scrible on my leg. Thanks fellas you made my night, time to break out the ink!!

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