Brett Callwood to Discuss MC5: Sonically Speaking

Brett Callwood to discuss MC5: Sonically Speaking

Brett Callwood, music journalist and frequent contributor to the Detroit Metro Times, will be at the Ann Arbor Downtown Library on Wednesday, December 1, from 7:00-8:30 p.m. to discuss the North American release of MC5 Sonically Speaking: This is the story of my favorite Rebel Band of all time The Legendary MC5 (Motorcity 5).

The Beginning of the MC5
The authorized biography of the kickass Motor City 5. Brett's book is a compelling read that includes lots of interviews with surviving band members and quotes from many friends and associates of the band.

The 5 in Action photo: Robert Matheu
The book covers the 5's history from it's original roots downriver in Lincoln Park MI and takes them across America and around around the globe. Their massive influence over the thousands of bands that have followed is enormous. Dennis gets a huge amount of fan mail from young music from every country as you can imagine. Not proto-punk (what does that mean??) rockers, but in my opinion they are the zen masters of rock.

DKT/MC5 tour with guests Mark Arm and Deniz Tek (BRAZIL)
The MC5 were together for just 7 years in one of the most difficult times in American history. It must have been so tough to be so young and know that their music could bring about true change in America what a legacy! Change did ultimately follow. (Listening Rock Hall of Fame???)

The 5 infused improvisation and jazz into their music long before any other rock band. The 5 were heavily influenced by the jazz masters, Motown musicians such as the Funk Brothers and of course THE WHO. Of course countless others. They loved Sun Ra and Sun Ra loved them!

This had to be a tough story to write and Brett did a very good job considering he is so young and from England. After reading the book I felt this is great writing and a rare peak behind the scenes of a such dynamic band. All in all I think that every 5 fan will enjoy MC5- Sonically Speaking and I am happy to stock it in my Amazon Store.

I have spent countless hours collaborating with my dear friend Dennis Thompson on his blog and learned so much about his life from his own perspective and it is a fascinating ongoing story. Also I am grateful to have worked a bit with Michael Davis on his blog too. They are very different men but oh what a high performance team they became. Rob Tyner(RIP), Fred Sonic Smith (RIP) Dennis Thompson, Wayne Kramer, and Michael Davis.

I just want to add one thing! To their spouses, families and girlfriends over the years that made those fantastic stage costumes and stayed mainly behind the scenes. I wish to yell a giant THANK YOU! Without their contributions the 5 would never have been so stylish and cool! Also a big shout out to Brother JC Crawford because we are all still TESTIFYING!

Scott Morgan legendary musician, Emcee Stanley T. Madhatter, and I will be at the Ann Arbor Downtown District Library to support Brett and his book and to keep the legacy alive of this fantastic band of very talented musicians THE MC5! KOTJMF!


Author Brett Callwood Discusses His Book MC5: Sonically Speaking A Tale Of Revolution And Rock 'N' Roll Wednesday December 1, 2010: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room
Directions to the Library HERE

This event includes Brett signing and books will be available for sale. Or bring your copy (I am!)

My pal Carlton of Easy Action Records has the most excellent box set of the MC5 music which he graciously sent me for review last Christmas. What a gorgeous gift and a must have for the MC5 fans everywhere and a great education for the thousands of new fans that discover the MC5 too.

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