Friday, 26 November - George Harrison’s magnificent 1970 solo debut, All Things Must Pass, is released today in a limited-edition, numbered 180-gram vinyl set in its original 3 LP configuration, with faithfully replicated original monochromatic album art, poster and lift-top box packaging.

Mastered at Abbey Road Studios from the original analogue master tapes, the deluxe vinyl reissue commemorates the landmark album’s 40th anniversary and is available at Record Store Day participating independent music retailers across the U.S.

A strictly limited number of vinyl box sets is available for purchase at GeorgeHarrison.com, along with an exclusive All Things Must Pass Deluxe Bundle, which features a brand new “I Dig Love” t-shirt design (choice of men’s or women’s style) and collectible pin set.

Order your box set or deluxe bundle through GeorgeHarrison.com to receive a free All Things Must Pass turntable slip mat (while supplies last).

All vinyl orders ship from the US. The last day to order for holiday delivery is December 10 (international) or December 17 (US domestic).

Totally cool for your Beatles collection!


skip gildersleeve said...

The Best Beatle's solo album in my opinion. Though there are several close seconds. Then again it's not a competition like the Olympics.

skip gildersleeve said...

Plastic Ono Band and Imagine are also strong as is Band On The Run.

joe kidd said...

my favorite solo record ...
'some time in new york city'
this was art as a field report , even packaged as journalism (newspaper headlines).
that kind of brutal global honesty exposes the truth in its most unfiltered existence. it requires th...e most intense heroic artistic courage.
as music , these songs are melodic , powerful & beautiful.
with an extra little touch of lennon & zappa live.
"viva nyc"

Dee Gilbert said...

I enjoyed reading about George Harrison, I have always seen him as an old soul and when people say they were before their time, I often think not.I think they were right on time to bring such joy to millions and to this day. John being gunned down so quickly and tragically was great loss yet I feel his soul was called out and he works on a different plane and his music will never die That last album was his gift..I feel God always has a plan.

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