Twiggy and London Fashion Photography of the Sixties
Retro: Kimmer began 11-01-08 with my first post Mary Quant and the Mini Skirt. Now after 619 posts I feel RK is warming up for the future! I sign autographs now more than I ask for them. It gets tougher to shoot photos and video bands as I am being interviewed now. I never dreamed this little blog about my favorite things when I was 14 would be a hit! It started with one reader (ME) now we average around 500 readers per day!

All this time I have only had negative response on one story. Ted Nugent avoiding the draft. With that one I couldn't win. Both the Ted haters and the Ted fans hated that story. After much thought I edited the post to appease the readers.

This year I met Jonas Sliuzas a charming videographer from CTN TV in Ann Arbor and he came out and filmed some shows with me. Also Dan Sultana a very talented photographer came out with me to a few events. Thanks so much for your help guys!

Special thanks to Heather Harris and Mr. Twister for their tutelage on shooting rock bands and tips on using my new camera!

Let's have a little Retro Party for Retro: Kimmer's second birthday! What a fascinating two years it has been! We have been everywhere and met everyone!

2008 we traveled all over with Machinegun Thompson doing various shows around town. In 2009 I traveled with the Madhatter, friends, and my daughter began coming along too! She is a fantastic photographer/artist.

We have interviewed many celebrities, shot videos, had our picture taken with so many bands and celebrities that the list would take too long to write! Not to mention now we are being asked to do interviews! WOW

Top Ten Stories out of 618 posts of the past 2 years were:

01.Number 1 this week! Snap Shots From Scott Morgan's Collection

02. Also a favorite of mine: Peter Max Pop Art

03. Ron Asheton's Sudden Death really launched this blog...

04. 1960's Sport Cars is a huge story still hot today...

05. Wear Your Love Like Heaven my favorite makeup of the 1960s

06. Detroit Riots of 1967 were totally riveting and terrifying as well

07. Another Reason I Love Mark Farner Mark always gives back and we love him for it.

08. Sam Giancana and Phyllis McGuire is still in the top 5 stories everyday!

09. Ivan Kral's Film Screening/Kimmer Meets Mitch Ryder

10. Kimmer and Machinegun at the People's Art Fest

Ann Arbor Rock n Roll Revival @ The Blind Pig Part 1 Part 2

Stanley T. Madhatter and I went downtown to meet Steve Godoy of the handsome and charming Godoy Twins. We had a blast driving Steve and the Bermondsey Joyriders around Detroit. We took them to Lafayette for a coney dog and to the Grande looking for ghosts of rock n roll... Such fun!

We helped promote the Ivan Kral Film Screening of BLANK GENERATION this summer and we had a total blast! I finally met Mitch Ryder and Don Was. It was my most fun event of the summer!

We had a lot of fun back in the winter when I got Mark Sisto (The Visitors) Gary Quackenbush (SRC) Chris Taylor (Mazinga) and Al King together to play SRC (Scot Richard Case) tunes. Mark was here from Australia and really wanted to sing with Gary Quack on guitar. So they did. It really was a fun day to sit in a chair holding the cameras!

Fun with Circus Boy Torpedos and The (Hell Drivers)Rockets!!! Robin Comer, Trudie Duart, and I went to see this fantastic show just after Christmas 2009. It was so fabulous to see old friends and make new ones! Kirk Gibson, Jim McCarty and Mitch Angelos were new friends we met that night.

What fun to be 2 years old!!!

Happy birthday to ME!


Special thanks to the Madhatter and my daughter Lesley!


Lori Seth said...

Well congrats and Happy Birthday to your blog Kim :) Great job ! :)

Geri Rubello Gillespie said...

this is an amazing blog kim, i have enjoyed being aquainted with you since last fall!!geri

Retro Kimmer said...

Thank you Geri it has been fun meeting you! Love my gift!

Larry Newman said...

"Happy Birthdayyy!"

Danny Creadon said...

"Really awesome blog and site-- so rAd!

Diane Marie Molinari said...


Lynn Flynn said...

very, very cool! absolutely fab! Now if only I could find my Mary Quant Havoc!

Natalie Stoogeling said...

"Happy Birthday Kim, great job and keep up the great work!"

Goran Polak said...

Congratulations Kim!

Kevin Fry said...

"Your blog has been great.Now that I have reliable transport,maybe our paths will cross."

Marilyn Bettencourt said...

"love your Blog, congrats..."

Retro Kimmer said...

thank you all!

Unknown said...

Kim, you're a reference now with your great job
Happy birthday and hope to see you again next year

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