Liddle Kiddles!

Here is one of my first collection obsessions! Liddle Kiddles These were the coolest tiny dolls that came in bottles, necklaces, cars, and eggs. They had very cute faces with bright eyes. Just loved them. They still sell tons of these on Ebay.

Liddle Kiddles were introduced by Mattel in 1966. They were tiny dolls, ranging from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches tall, with pose-able limbs and rooted hair.

Storybook Liddle Kiddles 

Here are the different groups and the names of the dolls in each. Links go to individual pages with more info about each series/doll.

Storybook Kiddles 1967 - 1968

Produced in 1967 and 1968, here were seven storybook kiddles in all. They were all 3 1/2" tall. They all came with adorable props. I had alot of Kiddles as my Mom loved them too. My favorites though were the Storybook Kiddles and the Kola Kiddles. They had really clever cute names too. They should bring them back as demand for them has never waned.

Storybook Kiddles

Alice Wonderliddle 1968
Cinderiddle - Poor & Rich 1968
Liddle Biddle Peep 1968
Liddle Middle Muffet 1967-68
Liddle Red Riding Hiddle 1967-68
Peter Paniddle 1968
Sleeping Biddle 1968

The Tressy doll was originally invented and patented by modern furniture designer Jesse Dean and his wife, Diana. Tressy was an awesome doll!

The first doll that could grow hair and shrink back to short hair.

We all wanted a Tressy doll! Tressy had a button on her back and if you pulled her hair while pushing the button her hair would get longer.

Tressy gave Barbie some competition for 3 years

These dolls are very rare probably because they had millions of little girls yanking their hair! They weren't made quite as sturdy as Barbie so they just did make the test of time. Every now and then though I see one up on Ebay. Just looked and hey they have a bunch up there!


sdiener912 said...

I had a ton of Liddle kiddles...loved them!!!

Rick Ruiner said...

I gave one of these to Nina--she loves it! :)

Miss Lexy said...

I LOVE those, too, Kimmer!!!

Lynn born 1960 said...

I had a Tressy and her little sister Toots! i soo loved them, thank you for a lovely reminder of my childhood. xx

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