OMG! Look what I just stumbled into online today! This group restores and actually improves on the car's former glory with current style additions. Take a look at these two Corvette Stingrays! Aren't they just to die for?? I love the Red Vette above but, I don't know... I sure have a big thing for the Redish-Purple stingray below too. The interior below is just unbelievable! Just love the beige leather. Looks like the interior of a Jaguar XKE.

Read more on the Resto Mod Web site

Aren't the interior photos fabulous??

From their website:

Resto Mod vehicles are classic American cars that have been restored using modern components to enhance their performance, safety, comfort and beauty. In short: restored old bodies modified using newrestomod corvette technology: "resto-mod".

Our resto Mod restoration process starts by correcting any faults in the original vehicle body including rust, dents, and accident damage.


Then we modify the restomod (or restorod) by installing new performance enhancing options like upgraded engines and better brakes. We can also customize the car with accessories like air conditioning, power windows, sound systems, new seats, and aftermarket wheels.

It's our goal to combine the best of both worlds, old and new, to create something even better than the original – a restomod / restorod capable of popping eyeballs, winning prizes and blowing the doors off the competition.

A Retro Tech Resto-mod Is A Sound Investment

Resto-Mod Photo Gallery

You love a certain make and model of car. You love the "new" smell of the interior, the glint of sunlight on the hood, the way the engine purrs until you tap the accelerator and it roars to life. The way it makes you feel young and a little bit wild! But if your significant other is giving you grief about your passion for cars, tell her this: a Retro-Tech restomod/restorod is a good investment.

Its value can appreciate by up to 25% because of our obsession with quality workmanship and quality components.

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Anonymous said...

Retro Tech has closed its doors and pissed off a LOT of customers. I worked there for a year. Most mismanaged shop in Indiana. The owner/manager is as crooked as a dog's hind leg.

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