Hi all, Deniz here. We had a great time last night(Aug 26) but it's all over, due to fear of weather. Tonight and tomorrows shows were cancelled. We were so ready to let 'em have it, and Art, Steve (Godoy twins) and I are very disappointed, but we will be back. Wish to say special thanks to all who listened to the Thursday radio show on WFMU (still available on podcast), those who came to rock the Bell House Friday night, the great Keith Streng, and all who went out of their way to support us. See you next time! D

Deniz Tek at the Bell House.... photo Amy Verdon

What a giant drag to have flown all the way from Montana (Deniz) Van Couver CA (Art) and South California (Steve) just to have a giant hurricane huff and puff and blow the house down.... At least the guys got one show in at the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY. So enjoy these videos they are the best we have for now.....

Lucky for us we got some quick video to share.... Deniz told me that a really great videographer shot this shot and he will get links to me to share with my readers asap.

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