Guitar Legends Steve Hunter and Dick Wagner


Dick Wagner has to reschedule his September dates for November 11. H is having a medical procedure and will recover fully in time to be at The Magic Bag with Donny Hartman!

Get well Soon My Dear Friend...

Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter have had amazing rock careers forever and continue on to this day. Dick as I wrote last week is coming to Detroit for 2 gigs in September and I am so geeked to finally meet him in person.... Check out the video Kimmer created for him last Saturday

Steve Hunter is currently on tour. Steve's lovely wife Karen Ann will be sending me photos and backstage stories for my readers.. Can't wait for those images to come in to RK.

Steve and Dick began playing together as a team with Lou Reed... They are just incredible as Alice Cooper describes in this part 1 series... Visit You Tube for the other parts of the series.

Steve and I were approached by my friend Jeremy Lanni,a film producer and director, who wanted us to do a full length documentary on our relationship. It was gonna be called "Rock n Roll Animals" and we could have a chance to tell the stories behind our gunslingin' days.

Steve and I actually sat down with Jeremy and conducted through the first half of the interview part of the documentary, live performance footage being the other half. I had written and recorded a soundtrack for one of Jeremy's earlier movies, so I knew him well, and trusted him. Steve soured on the idea and wouldn't really do anymore to advance the forward motion of this project, so what you see is all you get. "Rock and Roll Animals"...short but sweet.

Dick Wagner

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