Ted Bundy on trial in Florida

**update**  Bundy's DNA samples were finally added to the FBI database after a court decision was entered last year (2011).

Twenty-two years ago violent serial killer Ted Bundy was put to death by electric chair in Florida. In the end Bundy was grasping at straws trying to bargain information on other possible victims in a vain attempt to stall off his execution.

It did not work... Police and Prison officials were not swayed by Bundy's arguments. After sitting on death row for about 10 years Bundy was put to death.

Good news this month for the families of many other cold case victims across the country. In Florida 2 test tubes of Bundy's blood has turned up. The forensic people say the blood is still good even though it is 30 years old... Utah, Wshington, Colorado and the FBI now have the samples and are researching data bases for other possible Bundy victims.

From Chicago Bundy traveled by train to Ann Arbor, Michigan. There, on January 1 in a local tavern, he watched his alma mater UW defeat Michigan in the Rose Bowl. Five days later he stole a car and drove to Atlanta, where he boarded a bus and arrived in Tallahassee, Florida on January 8.

He rented a room under the alias Chris Hagen at a boarding house near the Florida State University (FSU) campus. Bundy later said he initially resolved to find legitimate employment and refrain from further criminal activity, knowing he could probably remain free and undetected in Florida indefinitely as long as he did not attract the attention of police.

However, his lone job application, at a construction site, had to be abandoned when he was asked to produce identification. He reverted to his old habits of shoplifting and stealing women's wallets from shopping carts. Read more on Bundy Wiki

Not many people know that after Bundy escaped from jail in Colorado... he made his way to Chicago and then to my town... Ann Arbor... it was winter in Michigan and Bundy found his way to warmer Florida.. Many think that Bundy picked Florida on purpose as it is a Capital Punishment state. Sort of a "Suicide by Cop" kind of thing...

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