Scott Morgan and I went down to the Blind Pig tonight for Soul Night. Scott said that the first Friday of the month is soul night so I couldn't wait to go....

I heard these 2 songs that I had never heard before... of course Scott knew them well... So I thought I'd share them will my friends....

Who when they were known as The Detours circa 1963.

When the Who were still called the High Numbers and scrounging around for material for their first single, they simply pilfered two American hits and changed the lyrics rather than writing anything original. Slim Harpo's "Got Love If You Want It" became "I'm the Face," and the Dynamics' "Misery" became "Zoot Suit." Originally from Dearborn, the Dynamics were a Detroit favorite whose garage-style take on doowop and soul has proved enduring. While rock 'n' roll fans the world over still love "Misery," which sounds like absolutely nothing else (despite the Brit cover), only true Who devotees recall "Zoot Suit." (MH)

Nathaniel Mayer (born February 10, 1944, Detroit, Michigan, died November 1, 2008) was a rhythm & blues singer who started his career in the early 1960s at Fortune Records in Detroit. "Nay Dog" or "Nate," as he was also known, had a raw, highly energetic vocal style and wild stage show.

Mayer started his career at Fortune Records, a Detroit record label owned by Jack and Devora Brown. There he became label-mates with fellow Fortune stars Nolan Strong and Andre Williams. Mayer would stay with the label for six years, recording a handful of records.

When Mayer was 18 years old he scored a Top 40 hit record in 1962 with "Village of Love," credited to Nathaniel Mayer and The Fabulous Twilights. It was originally released on Fortune Records, who then leased the record to United Artists Records for wider distribution. Follow-ups such as "Leave Me Alone" (late '62) and "I Had A Dream" ('63) failed to duplicate the success of "Village of Love" (although both records, especially "Leave Me Alone," sold well regionally). In 1966, Mayer released "I Want Love and Affection (Not The House Of Correction)," a funky offering in the James Brown vein. He then split with Fortune Records due to differences.

After a 35 year absence from music, in 2002 Mayer began recording and touring again, releasing albums with Fat Possum, Alive Records and Norton Records.

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