Well gang I woke up this morning and without realizing it I had cracked over 1004 stories posted on this blog! OMG that is 3 books!!! Anyone have a publisher for Kimmer??? Wow! I thought today I would tell the story of how Kimmer started going out to gigs with cameras and began the very coolest period of my life so far.....

Back in 2009 I began working with Dennis "Machinegun" Thompson the legendary drummer of the MC5. We collaborated on creating Machinegun's Blog and his MySpace/Facebook/Twitter etc...

One day Dennis received an invitation to sit in with The DoGs who were coming to Ann Arbor... He was happy to do it, but he had to cancel at the last minute. So after spending a lot of time talking to Loren Molinari about his band I decided to go see them play.

Took a few of my friends and 4 photographers from my friend Kirk's page the Motor City Blog... The DoGs were great and the show was such fun! I got home at 4 am!!! Beat but thrilled... So that gig started getting Kimmer invites to everything! Now I don't get out as much but I will always remember The DoGs!!!

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