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all of the michigan bands had a healthy sense of camaraderie. when i walked in to forsythe junior high ron asheton had just arrived from iowa. when i walked into pioneer high bob seger and deon jackson were walking out. literally.

when the detroit wheels came to ann arbor we were right there and when they needed a sound system to play the armory we got one from the prime movers. we were like joined at the hip. terry knight and the pack, dick wagner, grand funk, ? and the mysterians. all somehow connected.

so this brings me to my point. we not only shared camaraderie but it could get even more interesting. when i first saw the mc5 at plymouth high school i ended up talking with wayne kramer. he said fred smith was trying to get his hair as long as brian jones. well there's a light going off at that moment. both the five and the rationals were doing ramblin rose by ted taylor. wayne suggested we trade that song to them and we could have i put a spell on you by screaming jay hawkins.. Here have a listen at Sonic's Rendezvous' I Believe to my Soul

we did and it worked out well for both bands. but it didn't stop there. we ripped i believe to my soul from the five and tore it up pretty well. next at wayne's suggestion fred smith and i started a band that was to become a historical event. we hooked up with scott asheton, ron cooke, and gary rasmussen to clinch the deal. we had the wires so tangles up no one could figure it out but us. now that's just michigan. the rest of the world was now fair game. the who, beatles, stones, yardbirds, pretty things....i guess that's enough for now. SM

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