Iggy and the Stooge's 1973 Rehearsal Tapes

All my friends that are big Iggy & The Stooges fans might like to know that The Detroit Tapes will be released on September 13, 2011. You can pre-order yours HERE

UK two CD collection containing the cream of Iggy and The Stooge's legendary 1973 rehearsal tapes. For the most part, the material stems from tapes that were recorded in preparation for a nationwide Iggy & the Stooges tour following the release of the David Bowie-produced Raw Power earlier that year.

Iggy Pop and guitarist James Williamson were spitting out memorable songs like machinegun bullets, so the band was basically rehearsing brand new songs; all prime material destined for a fourth Stooges album, one which unfortunately never came to be.

Track Listings
Disc 1
1. Tight Pants
2. I'm A Man
3. I Got A Right
4. Money (That's What I Want)
5. Scene Of The Crime
6. Gimme Some Skin
7. Rubber Legs
8. Open Up And Bleed
9. Johanna
Disc 2
1. Cock In My Pocket
2. I'm Sick Of You
3. Louie Louie
4. Head On
5. Cry For Me
6. She Creatures Of The Hollywood Hills
07. Born In A Trailer
7. Wild Love
8. Till The End Of The Night
9. Till the End of the Night


BillyWarhol said...

Rock On!!****** ;) GreaT Shot o Iggy + Debbie Harry by Bob Gruen in his new amazing Photo Book!!

Scott said...

Guess I'm mopey, but this makes me a little sad what with Ron dead. I should remember that everyone else on the cover is still alive and well.

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