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From Deniz...

"I wrote Steel Beach while in the middle of the Indian Ocean in the mid 80's. On the aircraft carrier, they shut down flight ops and gave everyone a day off about once a month, usually on a Sunday. They cleared off an area of the deck, and set up BBQ's, made sliders, and sailors and airmen put their towels down and lie in the sun... they called it Steel Beach. I used that image, but of course took it in my own strange direction for the song lyrics. It's an electric blues in the classic sense." Deniz Tek

Download Steel Beach for free!

Deniz Tek and my favorite twin brothers the Godoy Twins (Art and Steve) are gearing up to play this weekend on the east coast. So wish I could be there but hopefully they will be here in Ann Arbor soon.. I have a ton of Deniz' music that he gave me or fans have sent in to me. Yesterday I clicked on "Steel Beach". It just haunted me for almost 48 hours.

I have played it over and over and each time I hear something new in Deniz' lyric and his gorgeous guitar. Steel beach, Deniz's song . I never sang it.I like that song too . Its refers to the ship an LST? Marine helicopter carrier.. equatorial hot, surrounded by water, but no swim. just steel.Sun on Steel must have been rather uncomfortable "Like a hammer from the sun's mind" Mark Sisto Here is a recent video Deniz Tek with Andy Newman , Steve and Art Godoy live @ the Patch , 3 April 2011 Wollongong , Australia ..OZ Tour 2011

Deniz Tek began his solo career in 1992 with the recording of the album Take It To The Vertical. The assembled studio band included Chris Masuak from Radio Birdman, Scott Asheton from the Stooges and Dust Peterson from Dust and the Rotorheads. The album was produced and financed by Deniz with Andy Mort Bradley engineering at the Sugar Hill studios in Houston, Texas.

The album was sold to Red Eye Records, a subsidiary arm of Polydor Australia. It marked the beginning of an ill starred relationship with the major label.
The band, with Bob Brown replacing Dust on bass, later toured Australia and then self destructed after experiencing artistic success on the one hand but a hideously mismanaged, near career destroying financial disaster on the other.

Madhatter Deniz and Mark Sisto

From the ashes of the conflagration emerged a stable line-up that featured Celibate Rifles' Kent Steedman on guitar and Nik Rieth on drums along with ex New Christs and Barracudas' bass player Jim Dickson. The new band rehearsed, recorded and began playing shows around Australia in mid 1993. This line-up was to become known as The Deniz Tek Group.
Early 1994 saw them release the hard rock album Outside on Red Eye. This release was followed by a national Australian tour, and then in 1995 a gruelling world tour encompassing Australia, Europe and the west coast of America. In early 1995, while in Australia, they recorded the EP 444 The Number Of The Beat, mislabeled by the Red Eye art department as 4-4. Perhaps ominous for looming trouble, the label didn't find it worth the effort to correct the error.

One of Deniz' most beautiful songs for me is "Miss You Too Much" with my friend Mark Sisto on vocals with The Visitors. The Visitors was a self-titled album from the band The Visitors released in 1983. The album was originally recorded under the Radio Birdman label Trafalgar Music, and the tapes were left to sit for four years with no interest bar the Phantom EP release.

Mark Sisto Deniz Tek

The insistence of Citadel to make the material available convinced Trafalgar into agreeing to allow Citadel to finance the remixes. Deniz was available for the remixes that were done at EMI 301's eight-track studio. However, he was not available to assist with the artwork, and the process ultimately took longer than expected.

Deniz and I first met in December 2009. He came to Ann Arbor to play in Chris Taylor's Ann Arbor Rock and Roll Revival. It was such fun to see Deniz when Madhatter walked into the green room at The Blind Pig... LOL

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