Hi Kimmer. Congratulations, you’ve just received one of the best cards in the Minor Arcana! This is the ‘wish granted’ or the ‘genie in a bottle’ card in my deck. This is the card that almost everyone hopes to receive in a reading because it is so favourable and fortunate. It signifies the fulfilment of your wish or desire. Consider your wish granted!

Your hopes may be realised and you may well get what you have longed for... finally.. because something you have tended and nurtured for so long is soon come to fruition. Whatever your heart’s desire, it may well be yours in the coming future.

This is a time of abundance and bliss so your world may soon be filled with hope. You will likely have a renewed sense of being helped by the universe as you move closer towards your dreams.

There may also be more than one blessing, as blessings (like wishes and curses) tend to come in threes. Satisfaction, happiness and well-being are indicated, along with celebrations for you. If you like champagne, maybe pour yourself a glass to toast your good fortune.

Just be careful, because the Nine of Cups grants your wishes just like a genie in a bottle and unfortunately, it’s seldom straightforward. In folk tales, genies or ‘djinn’ are imprisoned in a vessel and must grant three wishes to whomever liberates them, after which they are free. Often the wishes granted in these fables backfire, working too well, or not at all how the wisher had hoped.
Caroline Anna
Intuitive Caroline Anna is a key member of our fabulous Lotus Tarot Resident Readers. As well as offering incredibly accurate and sensitive private one-to-one readings, Caroline Anna frequently posts articles on Tarot and other related subjects to her blog.

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