17 Years ago today I stopped smoking cigarettes. I did it easily with the help of nicotine gum. Never had any side effects and breezed right through. What an improvement it has made on my life! I can breathe! I rarely get sick and no more obnoxious coughing all the time. But my main joy is not having a worthless drug control my life. I couldn't sit through a movie, dinner in a restaurant, or stop from running outside on every work break. Tobacco slavery!

When I stopped cigarettes were $2.60 per pack. Now they are triple that! Crazy!

My hope in posting this is to encourage my readers to free themselves from ruining their health, inflicting smoke on their friends and family, and sending all those cigarette tax dollars to our government.

This book saved me and it can save you.. get a copy by clicking the link below..

Please leave comments if you quit or have already done so...it will encourage others to free themselves from this terrible product. xoK

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