My Mom sent me all 4 seasona on DVD of SOAP! I binge watched them all weekend. Laughed myself sick! This show from 1977-1981 really stands up in the 21st century..Here is more info on this funny show. I tried to pick a favorite character, but hey are all so good...but to me the funniest one is Bob the Dummy...see the video below.

Soap (wiki) is an American sitcom that originally ran on ABC from 1977 into 1981. The show was created as a night-time parody of daytime soap operas, presented as a weekly half-hour prime time comedy.

Similar to a soap opera, the show's story was presented in a serial format and included melodramatic plot elements such as alien abduction, demonic possession, murder, and kidnapping. In 2007 it was listed as one of Time magazine's "100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME," and in 2010, the Tates and the Campbells ranked at number 17 in TV Guide's list of "TV's Top Families".

The show was created, written, and executively produced by Susan Harris, and also executively produced by Paul Junger Witt (Harris' future husband) and Tony Thomas.

Each returning season was preceded by a 90-minute retrospective of the previous season. Two of these retrospectives were made available on VHS in 1994, but were not included on any DVD collections.

The show aired 85 episodes over the course of four seasons. Eight of these (including the final four) aired as one-hour episodes during the original run on ABC.

These hour-long episodes were later split in two, yielding 93 half-hour episodes for syndication. Like most sitcoms of the era, Soap was videotaped, but this coincidentally helped further its emulation of the daytime soap opera format, as most such productions were also videotaped.

All episodes are currently available on region 1 DVD in four separate box sets. There is a box set of season 1 on region 2 DVD. In the past, the series has rerun on local syndicated channels as well as on cable on Comedy Central and TV Land. It ran on over-the-air television on Antenna TV, until December 30, 2012.

The cast included three former soap opera actors. Robert Mandan (Chester Tate) had previously appeared on Search for Tomorrow as a leading man for Mary Stuart, and Donnelly Rhodes (Dutch Leitner) had played the first husband of Katherine Chancellor on The Young and the Restless. Arthur Peterson, Jr. ("The Major") played Rev. John Ruthledge in the radio version of Guiding Light.


Rod Roddy ...Announcer (84 episodes, 1977-1981)
Katherine Helmond ...Jessica Tate (82 episodes, 1977-1981)
Richard Mulligan ...Burt Campbell (82 episodes, 1977-1981)
Cathryn Damon ...Mary Campbell (80 episodes, 1977-1981)
Ted Wass ...Danny Dallas (74 episodes, 1977-1981)
Billy Crystal ...Jodie Dallas (73 episodes, 1977-1981)
Robert Mandan ...Chester Tate (73 episodes, 1977-1981)
Jennifer Salt ...Eunice Tate / ... (64 episodes, 1977-1981)
Jimmy Baio ...Billy Tate (62 episodes, 1977-1981)
Diana Canova ...Corinne Tate-Flotsky / ... (59 episodes, 1977-1980)
Arthur Peterson ...The Major (57 episodes, 1977-1981)
Jay Johnson ...Bob Campbell / Chuck Campbell... (57 episodes, 1977-1981)
Robert Guillaume ...Benson DuBois (49 episodes, 1977-1980)
Donnelly Rhodes ...Dutch Leitner (35 episodes, 1978-1981)


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