Finally it has come time to drop using Mozilla Firefox..the rebel browser that used to be so speedy and bug free has now become exactly the same as the old Inter Explorer. Google Chrome stream video so much better that I switched to Chrome for TV streaming exclusively. But I cannot have 7 tabs open in Mozilla without freezes and crashing. I have a brand new high power computer and the Extreme Cable Internet speed that has like a 102 mg download and 32 mg up load. I shouldn't have any of these doggy problems.

Today I started using Microsoft EDGE and it is really sharp! Responds super fast and flashy graphics too...the biggest problem I have is that EDGE is not supported by Google Blogger! Come on Google you are getting stingy now....add EDGE!!

So my change over wo Windows 10 has made me really happy! Windows 8 was too buggy and with added features that desktop users never needed...So glad for 10!!

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