2014-2015 Has had some of the finest televison entertainment coming from all the cable networks and upstart Netflix too...FARGO was my favorite of 2014. We are anxiously awaiting for Season 2 beginning October 12!

I bought the series on Amazon last year so I can re-watch, which I do all the time. 

Will miss Billy Bob Thornton though....but now they have actor Jesse Plemons who played scary Todd in Breaking Bad so terrifyingly...can't wait!

 Jesse Plemons


Fargo is gearing up to premiere its second season premiering October 12, 2015. The show will feature ties to the first season, but will also feature new actors and a whole new time period.

Recently, show runner and creator Noah Hawley spoke out to explain why the FX drama decided to throw all of the former concepts out and start over for Season 2. Apparently, Joel and Ethan Coen—the creators of the original Fargo movie—were behind the inspiration.

 Joel and Ethan Coen

Here’s what Noah had to say:

 Joel and Ethan never made the same movie twice.

It’s a short, simple and efficient reasoning, if I’ve ever heard one. The Coen brothers aren’t really big on sequels, choosing to hop from project to project and delve into a wide variety of characters. So, that’s what Hawley used for inspiration when he was coming up with the premise for Fargo Season 2. 

Although the sophomore season of the FX drama will follow one character from the first season as a much younger man and while it is admittedly a prequel story, the ensemble cast, the story arc and even the tone of the new series is expected to be different than the FX series’ first round at bat. READ MORE HERE

Season 2 of Fargo will take an interesting turn. Instead of moving forward, the series will turn back time and be set in a post-Vietnam War era. Lou Solverson, who was played by Keith Carradine in season 1, will be played by Patrick Wilson in season 2. Having just returned from Vietnam, Solverson has been assigned to investigate a crime between a small-town gang and a major Mob syndicate.

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