The first true crime book I became obsessed with was The Boston Strangler. Someone gave it to me when I was just 13 (1968) and living at Ft McClellan, Alabama with my family.

I was afraid to let an adult know I was reading this creepy story so I hid the book during the day and late at night I read it under the covers with a flashlight, as I didn't want my book confiscated. The story was terrifying and the Boston Strangler movie with Tony Curtis was pretty good though he was too good looking and not nearly as frightening. The book was much better.

The other day, I was doing some research online and ran into a story that was from 2013. Forensics had finally connected Desalvo to Mary Sullivan, the last victim that was killed in that series of murders. How did I miss that story back in 2013??

After 50 years they finally know he was a killer. It was rumored for years that Desalvo may not have been the Boston Strangler. They knew he was a rapist and now they know he was a murderer as well.

"The DNA test results provide a near certainty to what detectives working on the case knew all along, that Albert DeSalvo the suspect who confessed to sexually assaulting and strangling Mary Sullivan was likely her killer," Police Chief Davis said. "I am proud of the tenacity shown by all of the detectives and analysts working on the case. The ability to provide closure to a family after 50 years is a remarkable thing."

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