Microsoft 98-366 Test and Everything That It Entails – Structure, Objectives, Prerequisites, Preparation Options with Exam Dumps

Microsoft 98-366 is an exam that provides an entry into the IT certification program. By passing this test, you will become a certified MTA professional. In case you didn’t know, surveys show that at least 85% of all the IT support roles usually require a solid foundation of networking concepts.

And this exam is a highly recommended entry point into the IT networking field. But before enrolling for this test, it is a good idea to know what it is and what it actually entails. That is exactly the purpose of this article. Let’s take a detailed look at this popular Microsoft certification exam.
Who should take the Microsoft 98-366 certification exam?

The Exam-Labs Click Here to Visit Website Microsoft 98-366 certification exam is intended for those individuals who want to build their careers mainly in the Windows Server domain. It evaluates candidates’ fundamental skills, knowledge, and understanding of wireless networking, local area and wide area networks, IP addressing, OS models, switches, and routers.

What are the prerequisites for Microsoft 98-366 certification exam?

There are no official requirements for Microsoft98-366. However, it is advisable that the candidates be familiar with general networking technologies and concepts. Besides, Microsoft recommends that the applicants have some hands-on experience with network management tools,

Windows-based networking, Windows Server, network topologies and protocols, DNS, TCP/IP, and name resolution process. Such experience is very important as it will help them in tackling scenario-based questions and the questions set from case studies.

Being armed with this information, you can go ahead and start studying for the Microsoft 98-366 exam right now in order to earn your MTA credential.

There is no need to be scared as this is just recommended knowledge that will not change your eligibility for the test.

What is the structure of the Microsoft 98-366 certification exam?

To obtain the MTA credential, you only need to pass the Microsoft 98-366 exam. You will have about 40-60 questions that you need to complete within 45 minutes. You can take this certification test in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, and Korean. And the price you should pay is $127 for the candidates in the United States.

It may vary in other countries due to taxation. To schedule the exam, you need to visit the Pearson VUE website. Be sure to check out for additional details and information concerning this text and associated certification on the Microsoft site as the key points highlighted may not be complete or may change.

What are the topics of Microsoft 98-366 certification exam?

The Microsoft 98-366 certification exam is based on three broad topic areas. Each of them deals with specific subtopics that focus on related concepts. The objectives discussed below are the general guidelines on what content Microsoft is likely to include in this test. Let’s explore these subjects in more detail.

Understanding network infrastructure – 30-35%

This is the first objective in the Microsoft 98-366 certification exam and the second most prominent topic area in this test. It evaluates one’s understanding of concepts of the Internet, extranet, and intranet.

Other questions will be testing your understanding of local area networks, wide area networks, wireless networking, and your insight of network topologies as well as access methods. You should know a thing or two about VPN, firewalls, security zones, VLANs, wired and wireless LANs. The knowledge of mesh, star, bus, ring, physical and logical topologies, as well as leased lines, cable modem, dial-up is also needed.

Understanding network hardware – 20-25%

This topic deals with a range of subtopics and the questions drawn from them basically measure your understanding of switches, routers, and media types. You should understand transmission speed, backplane speed, capabilities of hubs vs. switches, VLAN capabilities, number and type of ports, virtual switches. Also, QoS, NAT, RIP vs. OSPF, transmission speed considerations, cable types, susceptibility to electricity and to interception.

Understanding protocols and services – 45-50%
This is the most prominent topic area in Microsoft 98-366, as it produces almost half of the total questions in this exam. This objective deals with a wide range of topics, including understanding of the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model, IPv4, IPv6, networking services, name resolution, and TCP/IP. You need to master your knowledge of subnetting, DNS, Ipconfig, examples of devices, protocols, and applications, UDP, WINS, HOSTS file, and so on.

Of course, the questions will most likely be tested on the topics highlighted above. However, it is also important to keep in mind that they will not be limited to just these objectives. They might also come from other related subject areas that we have not mentioned here. That is why you need to check the certification page before taking this Microsoft test.
What preparation tools should you use to prepare for the Microsoft 98-366 certification exam?

Microsoft offers you to join the community so that you can discuss your issues and questions with other candidates. There are also official study materials that are made available for the students to use in their preparation for the 98-366exam. Besides, there are practice tests that Microsoft makes available for its learners.

Apart from these resources, there are mock tests and other equally useful prep tools, including Q&As, video tutorials, exam dumps, and study guides, that can be found on the Exam-Labs platform. This site provides you with the best preparation base that gives you the opportunity to practice without leaving your home.


There are so many individuals who would like to start a career in theIT sphere, but the problem is that they don’t have the fundamental knowledge required to pursue the IT certifications. The MTAcredential creates a new entry point that can help these people with little or no experience to get started in the career field. MTA is among the certificates that is designed to help the students take the first step into a career as an IT developer or professional.

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