In 1976, the first of four children are abducted and murdered in the suburbs of Detroit. After more than 30 years the families of the four murdered children and Detroiters like J. Reuben Appelman are determined to find the Oakland County Child Killer.

This series of Michigan area unsolved cases is also known as the Oakland County Child Killings of 1976.

The investigation into these cold cases according to The Children of the Snow has never been closed. The original detectives who worked so hard had to retire and new ones have taken up the investigation. DNA which were "just letters in the alphabet" in 1976 is now playing a huge role in trying to find exactly who was responsible for these terrible crimes.

Closure for the families has been impossible and they still carry that immense heartache of this nightmare.

This case is so convoluted with many people possibly connected to these abductions. I watched the series twice to absorb the details. Check it out on Hulu

Children of the Snow
Documentary | TV Mini-Series (2019)



Jim Anderson said...

The one, Jill, she used to live 4 doors down from me in Detroit.. So sad.

Nina Innsted said...

I did a long-form podcast on all nine children that were murdered between Jan 1976 and March 1977. Don't talk to strangers

Cheryl said...

I was 14 at the time and I was so afraid. I still remember that creepy feeling

Cheryl S said...

We moved to Lapeer County from Berkley in 1975. I didn’t know anything about this until I saw the show on ID. I asked my mother if she knew about this at the time of it happening and she said yes. It was a scary time and she was glad we had moved. I roamed Berkley alone all the time, I was 11 when we moved away.

J'sun S said...

I have followed this story since the first murder.
I was attending a seminar one day and I kept getting what I refer to as weird, disturbing vibes. Like extreme sadness and grief, loss, and something unpleasant. The next day I mentioned this to a person and they told me that the parents of one of the victims were in the seminar with me. That is what I was sensing! I pray that I am still living when this is solved. I wish we’d had today’s crime-solving back then. These murders really shook up a lot of people.

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