I just finished watching the final episode of Lt. Joe Kenda: Homicide Hunter last night. It was tough watching it end and it was obvious Lt Joe was running out of cases. But we will miss him and his engaging sense of humor in this dark world of crime.

Murder changes everything for those left in the wake of the crime, but what about the investigator who solves the heinous crime? Meet Lieutenant Joe Kenda, a 23-year veteran of the Colorado Springs Police Department who reveals the vivid memories of the most disturbing murders that still haunt him to this today.

Homicide Hunter is a riveting non-fiction investigative series of murder cases told through the personal experience of retired Colorado Springs detective, Lieutenant Joe Kenda. The real Lt. Kenda narrates and actor Carl Marino portrays him as a young detective.

Season 9 was the final series but good news! Joe Kenda has committed to a new series for ID Network coming out in the fall of this year. Not sure of the title as of yet.

But thank you to all of the team behind Homicide Hunter for the years of compelling true crime entertainment!

Carl Marion plays young Lt Kenda

What will become of our favorite HH character Carl Marino? We hope he gets his own series soon. I know he has a ton of fans out there, I see them on Facebook. We love Joe but Carl definitely added to the success of the series. so ID Network give him a show!

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