Had a fun phone call today with the VERY Amazing BrandO... My daughter is a huge fan and I am too. We met BrandO in Lansing awhile back at one of his gigs. BrandO is a cool singer/guitar player who write the lyrics and plays guitar featuring Nintendo video game music.

Back before I bought my first computer I was a video gamer. So BrandO and I have a lot to talk about! We went over all my old favorites like Super Metroid, Final Fantasy, Mario RPG and more. BrandO sent in my videos and new tour info for him. He said he may be in Detroit soon..
He is such a talented guy..

BrandO has a very hot website that my daughter Lesley contributes art for check it out!

Hated killing this monster the most!!

From BrandO:

Hey Kim!
Here are the links to the videos:

Zelda 3 Episode 2:

Song of Storms (Ocarina of Time):

Enjoy Your Stay (Hotel Theme from Earthbound):

Zelda 3 is being done in the style of a Rock Opera walkthrough.
Song of Storms was also recorded in Spanish

Enjoy Your Stay is my most recent, and Zelda 3 Episode 3 should be posted within a week or so.

I am also in the process of recording a whole album dedicated to Super Metroid:

I'll be performing at Nerdapalooza in Orlando, FL on July 16th, and at NerdPow October 28th in Columbus, OH.

Hope this helps! Attached are some newer pictures for ya. Feel free to use some from the Facebook as well. :)
Talk to you soon!

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