Probably going to hear from all the fans of the EZ Bake Oven but.... As far as I am concerned this toy was a whole bunch of work to produce a little flat cake that looked like a hockey puck.

Now how long would a kind be entertained by this dog??

Now the Ouija was completely lame to me. This toy scared little kids half to death. I flipped my board over and stuck stickers on it. So much for contacting dead uncle Charlie...

I really hated this toy... Now little Kimmer was never going to stand and pretend to cook... I still don't cook.. Talk about gender typing. Oh yeah and I used my toy ironing board as a sled. It went really fast down hill on snow!

Chatty Cathy? That annoying voice! They should can that voice and play it to elicit confessions out of captured terrorists! I took my doll to the basement and my brother and I gave poor Cathy neurosurgery to find out what made her talk.. I was a big old fashioned spool of metal tape.

This toy could do 2 things... swing back and forth in your hands and climb down stairs...zzzzzzz

Couldn't draw anything on the confounded box..

Will pick some more later... XXOK

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