To me the best talent to come out of the 1960's was Miss Dionne Warwick. Was there ever another signature woman's voice? Dionne's voice connects right to my soul. Always has. She completely envelopes every lyric. Dionne becomes the song not just performs it. I loved her even in the age of rock I wore out at least 4 copies of her greatest hits. Today it dawns on me that I need to get another copy.. Legendary becomes Miss Dionne Warwick...

My top three favorite Dionne Warwick/Bacharach/David songs are below

The Theme from the Valley of the Dolls talks about a woman who has lost her way. But finds a way to free herself from the madness.

Message to Michael has always always reminded of one of my true loves. No matter where I was in the world Michael was always there. Sadly I lost him at a young age but he is in my heart always.

Promises Promises has always meant a lot to me. When you have finally had enough empty promises and move on. The woman is strong and not passive. She does get the nerve and walks out. She looks at herself and is proud.

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