Steve Godoy

One of my very favorite hard hitting drummers ( I know a few..) is Steve Godoy of California. I met Steve via our mutual friend guitarist Deniz Tek. Steve was coming to town and his twin brother Art Godoy (I blog for him) called me and asked me to go meet Steve at the Corktown Tavern. Steve was on tour with The Bermondsey Joyriders from England. Great band!

So Stanley T. Madhatter and I made the trek downtown to meet Steve and his bandmates. We walked in and Steve immediately spotted us and came right over. What immediately hit me were those amazing blue eyes.. and soft spoken voice. So polite and sweet natured... or so it would seem... LOL

Steve Madhatter Gary Lammin and Marty Stacey

By the way the sticks Steve was pounding with belong to me now and live here at Retrokimmer's Rancho Deluxe. My readers know that I collect sticks from all my favorite drummers that I have the pleasure to meet. I have met a bunch. I'll shoot pics of them and do a story on just that.

Here is the man himself in action also with my dear one Stanley...

After the gig... I had the best time ever riding around the city with the band and Madhatter as the wheelman and tour guide. We took them to Lafayette Coney, The train station, Grande Ballroom, a Translove House and to the hotel as the last stop.

The Godoy Twins are also world renown Pro Skateboarding Champions. We helped carry their stuff inside.. I carried Steve's deck. Doesn't get any better than that. I love my life! XXOOK

Here is a funny little video of Madhatter singing with Guitarist Gary Lammin outside the Holiday Inn that night. I swear neither of them had a drop of booze...

all photos and video by retrokimmer


Art and Steve Godoy said...

so great! we are in south africa right now, just landed after HOURS of flying.. we are doing machine seminars in 2 cities... cape town and johannesburg.

thanks for the great write up, me n steve were just reading it!!
you rule
art n steve

Steve Godoy said...

SO RAD...you rule.
So much great shit goin on at this time in our life. We are in south africa right now...johannesburg and tues we head to capetown...tattoo machine seminars...its gnarly down here...but no worse than some of the places we have been in south america!!!
things are good!!!

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