"A Fool in Love" was Tina Turner's first hit record. I just love this tune so much. I also really love Ike Turner's "Rocket 88" but here is the kicker... I like Lawrence Fishburne's cover of it from the film What's Love Got to do with it better than Ike's version. I have them both on this post so you tell me which is your favorite?

Ike Turner Tina Turner

Ike became a talent scout and producer for Modern Records, ostensibly "discovering" B.B. King and Howlin' Wolf. Around 1954, he moved to East St. Louis, Missouri where he became a rhythm and blues star with The Rhythm Kings.

In 1959 in East St. Louis, he met Anna Mae Bullock. Anna was just eighteen and still in high school when she joined the group as a singer. Later she changed her name to Tina Turner.

Tina Turner

Ike added Tina to their group's horn section and also added some backup singers in 1957. They recorded a demo of "A Fool in Love" in late 1959; by the autumn of 1960 the record was a number two R&B hit on Sue Records. Tina was the star and the group was renamed The Ike and Tina Turner Revue History of Rock

After Tina's divorce, the only thing Tina had of value was the stage name Ike had given her and the hard work she had put into that name to make it famous. Tina's career was in a downward spiral and she released albums to try and turn it around. First was 1978's "Rough (album)" but it failed to make a real impression on the charts. Tina remained a strong stage draw and Rod Stewart brought her along to perform a rendition of his top 40 single "Hot Legs" on Saturday Night Live in 1978. Wiki Tina Turner

Tina eventually found solo stardom following the release of 1984's Private Dancer album which sold 11 million copies worldwide, and included the biggest hit of her career, "What's Love Got to Do With It", her only US number-one hit, a position Ike & Tina Turner never reached while recording together.

Tina would go on to release several more albums that were certified multi-platinum or gold in the US. She would ultimately win eight Grammy Awards throughout her career, and embark on several successful world tours.

Here is Ike Turner doing "Rocket 88"

When I was on American Idol,” she says, “people fell in love with the young lady who took her shoes off to come onstage, who spoke her mind and didn't hold anything back. They could relate because whatever I was feeling at the time, I put that in my music. Fantasia Barrino

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