Vidal Sassoon and Mia Farrow

In the 1960s my young stylish mother took my sister and I to get Sassoon haircuts. The cuts were called 5 point cuts. Basically you short hair with sideburns cut out around the ears and often was asymmetrical as well. We thought we had the coolest hair in school (we did). No more pony tails and ribbons which I always yanked out on my way to school. (sorry Nanna...)

Of recent layered "bobs" and my favorite the nano "bob are the rage today. It just is plain and simple the best haircut! It is very stylish and easy to care for. Except for you need a trim in at least 6 weeks. I wear a version of the 5 point cut today.

From Wiki

Vidal Sassoon, CBE (born January 17, 1928) is a widely recognized British hair stylist, credited with creating a geometric, "Bauhaus-inspired" hair style, also called the bob, a stylish and simple cut. Due to the popularity of his styles, he has been described as "a rock star, an artist, [and] a craftsman who 'changed http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifthe world with a pair of scissors.'"

His "wash and wear" philosophy liberated women from the "tyranny of the salon" and "revolutionized the art of hairstyling." Sassoon's styles became "emblematic of freedom and good health," and their popularity allowed him to open the first chain of worldwide hair styling salons, complimented by his hair-treatment products. He is also remembered for his television commercials in the 1960s. A documentary film about his life, Vidal Sassoon: The Movie was released in 2010.

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