Scott Morgan vocals/rhythm guitar
John Burke drums
Manny Alvarez lead guitar
Jubei Hughes Bass/vocals

From Scott:
Full of Fire was originally covered by Al Green on his Best Of Al Green album. FOF was written by M Hodges W Mitchell and Al Green.

We aleady knew Al Green because The Rationals backed him up at the Roostertail Supper Club in Detroit. He showed up at one of the Rationals shows and asked to sit in. I told him that we like your music but we don't know how to play it. Al suggested we do some standard R&B tunes. So we did.

Much later I bought the single Full of Fire when it came out. So my band friends wanted to do an Al Green song and I said I got one, Full of Fire.

We went to Los Angeles and then on to the Brothers Records/Studio to record. We were there for a couple of days and recorded 2 songs. Radio Hollywood and Pop Poppies. So while we were there a guy told us that we were actually in the Beach Boys Rehearsal Studio in Santa Monica. They did their demos there. After we finished we went back home.

A few months later we went back to LA and recorded Full of Fire and Endless Summer which was never released. Here is our version of Full of Fire.

I really liked Al's version of this song but we changed it a little. We stripped it down to the basic song. Took all the frills out of it and made it straight ahead.

Al Green's version

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