Danny Greene "The Irishman"

This guy makes Tony Soprano look like boy scout. One tough guy to be sure and totally bullet proof. It took a master car bombing to take down this giant of the Cleveland Docks.

If you traced the fall of the Italian-American Mafia to one point in time and one place, it would be 1977 in Cleveland, Ohio. Numerous trials were sparked by a war of bombings for control of the underworld. In the end those cases produced unprecedented defections resulting in an increasing flow of intelligence and multi-agency investigations that culminated in historic convictions from Los Angeles to Kansas City, and Cleveland to New York City. The origin of the whole thing can be traced to one man, an outsider, in pursuit of power and fortune—an unlikely hero Danny Greene who came to be known as the Irishman.

I just discovered the Danny Greene story today and this guy really sounds like a fascinating man loved by his friends and family, who donated to the poor, paid under privileged children's school tuition, and managed to take down the Mob. Take a look at these videos, they are riveting...

A movie was made about Danny Greene's personal vendetta against the Mob called " Kill the Irishman" It will be released on DVD June 14, 2011. Here is the trailer for the DVD

Here are some related books and DVDs

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