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Check this song... just love "Mind Body and Soul". You'll never believe where I met these guys. It was at the DAIRY QUEEN in Ypsilanti, MI. The guys were on their way to Kalamazoo for a gig. My friend and I rode with the band and all their equipment to Ann Arbor where we jumped out. As I recall these guys were really nice.

FLAMING EMBER – This group recorded several singles for Detroit labels, including the Fortune Records, but found their greatest success with Eddie Holland's Hot Wax label. Their hit single "Mind, Body & Soul" was a top ten record on both the r&b and pop charts.

The drummer Jerry Plunk was the lead singer and drummer! Other members included Joe Sladich (lead guitar), Jim Bugnel (bass) and Bill Ellis (keyboards). Mike Jackson eventually replaced Bugnel on bass.

Hot Wax Records promo photo.

The Flaming Embers can be traced back to 1965 when they recorded for the Fortune label on Third Street. They were a white group desperately trying to emulate the black sound, and consisted of Joe Sladich (guitar), Bill Ellis (piano), Jim Bugnel (bass) and Jerry Plunk (drums).

Their debut for Ric-Tic came in July 1967 when they released "Let's have a love-in". Another five discs followed but the persistence failed to pay off and nothing charted. When Motown bought the Ric-Tic label in 1968, Flaming Embers were released from their contract.

The following year they joined Holland/Dozier/Holland's Hot Wax label as the Flaming Ember. Three top 40 hits ensued before they broke up in 1973.

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