New Order formed in Los Angeles after Ron Asheton left the Stooges and Dennis "Machinegun Thompson" left the MC5. NO produced the "Victim of Circumstance" album. The band definitely had a very powerful lineup: They failed to land a record deal and split up.

Ron Asheton
Dennis Thompson
Dave Gilbert
Jimmy Recca
Jeff Spry
Ray Gunn
Scott Thurston

Machinegun wrote "Sidewinder" and I have a ton of their old photos laying around my office so today we put them together.

Here is Sidewinder with Machinegun Thompson on vocals...

Thanks to:
Dennis Thompson
Dee Gilbert
Phillipe Mogane
Sue Rynski

Great job Kim.


Dominic Lamarra said...

They were a great band. My first gig was one of the openers for them at Sokal Park in I think 74. We were the only ones that played because it ended up thunderstorming..

It was my first band called the Glass Axe. I was still in high school and was playing with guys that were my older brothers age. I was in awe of those guys at sound check because of their legendary status. Funny how things work out. I ended up making friends with Dennis later, played with Tyner for a stint and played a gig with the Carnival at the State Theatre and was offered the gig, but like a dummy passed.

Greg Hust said...

What A Lineup.Are Record Companies Out of Their Minds?Of Course They Are.I Would Have Loved to Have Seen this Band Come to Full Fruition.Could Have Ruled the Planet.

Phillipe Mogane said...

Nice! Nice! You rock, Kim!! Great pictures!!! :-)

MJG196 said...

Great band. A reissue is due!

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