Author and Music Writer Mikal Gilmore

Mikal Gilmore is a journalist and music aficionado who has written for Rolling Stone magazine since the 1970s. His first book, Shot in the Heart, is a National Book Critics Circle and L.A. Times Book Prize-winning memoir about his older brother Gary, the first man to be executed in Utah after pleading guilty to murder.

Gary Gilmore

Mikal 's book is an in depth look into his family's dysfunction. Mikal is the younger brother of Gary Gilmore who perhaps was the most famous prisoner ever on death row. Gary opted to plead guilty and then face a Utah firing squad... Many officials, politicians, and human rights personnel fought to stay Gary's execution.

Honestly I could not put this book down.... lots of readers thought Mikal's book was too dark or depressing. Mikal is such a great writer that you really are with him through his childhood until the death of Gary. This book is not for the faint of heart...but I found it fascinating and I was so happy to "meet" Mikal on Facebook...

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keith rendel said...

Saw him read in Santa Monica once.Seemed like a nice
guy.Ran into him at a Dylan show once.
I remember what a good writer he was in Rolling Stone and being so shocked to find out he was Gary's brother...

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