Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert RIP

Roger Ebert, the Pulitzer Prize-winning movie critic for the Chicago Sun-Times who was known for his "thumbs up, thumbs down" assessments, died today, the newspaper reported. He was 70 and had battled cancer in recent years.

Roger Ebert, the popular film critic and television co-host who along with his fellow reviewer and sometime sparring partner Gene Siskel could lift or sink the fortunes of a movie with their trademark thumbs up or thumbs down, died on Thursday in Chicago. He was 70.

His death was announced by The Chicago Sun-Times, where he had worked for more than 40 years. No cause was specified, but he had suffered from cancer and related health problems since 2002. It would not be a stretch to say that Mr. Ebert was the best-known film reviewer of his generation, and one of the most trusted. The force and grace of his opinions propelled film criticism into the mainstream of American culture. Not only did he advise moviegoers about what to see, but also how to think about what they saw.


Damian P Moss said...

ppl don't remember how big siskel and ebert were in the 80s..when a lot of OLDER crtics just hated things because they were old and out of touch, SE seemed to play along and have fun with things..

Renee Cofell Westwood said...

Stronger , braver that I ever will be

Lisa Jo Stumbo Fowler said...

RIP, Mr. Ebert.

Dale Leslie said...

He and Gene deserved better. Who would have thought a team with such good chemistry would die so tragically. I used to watch the show with my sons. No more. My condolences to the Ebert family.

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