Vintage is about excellence with enduring appeal; a classic. Retro is about reviving the vintage classics from the past into our world today. Retro Fashion, Accessories, Furnishings, Cosmetics, Film and Television, Hair Design, Home Design, Cars, Music, and Art are currently the rage in style..

Any one of these lovely icons of the 1960s could be dropped right into the fashion world of this decade. You can definitely see their influence in the style of the models below..

Ford Motor Company realized that one of the hottest cars ever designed was the 1969 Mustang Mach I. It seemed to make perfect sense to reissue the  Mach I ...Not only young people would find it hot to own...so would their parents...

Film remakes like "The Thomas Crown Affair" and thousands of television shows have copied the originals from the 1960's. Paul Newman films like Harper, Cool Hand Luke represent the rebellious 1960s. The films were gritty and portrayed a more realistic view of the world than in decades prior.

Musician's like Harry Connick Jr. and Michael Buble are a tribute to the styles of 1960s standards. Hair stylist's today have radically modified the classic 5 point bob created by Vidal Sassoon.  Jewelry and shoes are chunky again just like before...

Ray Ban Sunglasses are still the top in coolness... Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Jack Nicholson, everyone who was into rebellious style sported them  Even the horn-rimmed glasses have made a huge comeback!

It seems that commercial radio have never stopped playing the 1960's music. The Rolling Stones are still cool, The Beatles bigger than ever, Elvis is cooler now than he was in the past years of his life, and with the shot in the arm from one my favorite television series Mad Men...Retro is still the ultimate in cool!

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