TMZ:  World famous psychic Sylvia Browne -- who appeared on all sorts of TV shows including "Montel" "Larry King Live" and "Unsolved Mysteries" -- has passed away ..

Browne specialized in psychic detective work -- helping out on various high profile missing person investigations.Browne's son, Chris, tells TMZ ... Sylvia passed away this morning in San Jose, surrounded by family and friends. She was 77.

Sylvia Browne was a lovely woman in my feelings..No I never met her but she had such a great spirit. Sylvia was a very successful self made woman. After reading a lot of her books..I liked her even more. Her view of life and death gave me comfort not fear. For all the good she gave to others the media really tried to destroy her..

Honestly, I felt she really was genuine in her concern for the pain of others. She was sharp, funny, smart, had a glorious laugh and a low raspy voice... I'll miss her

My daughter and I watched her on Montel for years..We loved her jokes and her empathy...Thank you Sylvia Browne...No need to add RIP to her name....she has completed her final life path.

Sylvia Browne is an American author who describes herself as a spiritual teacher, psychic and  medium. She has appeared regularly on television and radio, including the shows Larry King Live and The Montel Williams.

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