Michael Gregory Hovsepian
We made a day of it, my parents would take us the 12th Floor of Hudson's & Santas helpers would help us shop. It felt great to shop without a parent around. The helpers always made sure we didn't go over budget & were helpful in making suggestions in gift selection. Plus after we were done, the family went to the restaurant in the store for a meal.

Randy Weiser
I remember going there when I was about 3, with my mom, younger brother Gary, and sister Sherry. We had to really wait a LONG time for that Santa, who was loud, noisy, and (according to my mom) WAYYYY too commercial! Our photo looks like we were ready to cry!!!! (I'll try to find it and scan and post it - it's HYSTERICAL!)

Glenn Bertrand
My parents met at Hudson's in the early 60s. Mom worked at the make-up counter and dad was a stock boy. And here I am. Mom got dad a souvenir brick from the demolished building a few years back.

Steve Rice
"I remember going to the Rotunda when I was a kid what a great we had me my bother & three sister's ...."

Cheryl Sinclair    
I remember visiting Hudson's in the 60's at Christmas time. I fell backwards on an escalator, knocked my mom down behind me and my dad caught both of us. My mom and I couldn't get on an escalator for years!


Jean Morgan Compton  
I remember my parents taking me to downtown Hudsons and buying me an exquisite red, winter coat for Christmas. ♥...Wow, look at the bustling place. Wouldn't it be great to see it like that again?? it was a little like going to OZ...

Julie Atkinson-Fountain
Rotunda was magical. Animated characters, lights and music amazed all ages I think the displays survived the Rotunda fire and were used consecutive years later at the newly built Cobo hall.

Fran Doman 
I used to go to Hudson's with my Grandma Jean (who lived on Jefferson St. at the Alden Park Manor) and my great aunt Nan. We dressed up just like the people on the line waiting for Santa!

This is a picture of my brother and sister (above), taken at the Ford Rotunda - I believe in 1956 or 1957 (based on their ages.) We lived in Cedar Rapids, IA, and at Thanksgiving of one of those years, we visited our Detroit cousins.

That weekend we went on a tour of the River Rouge Plant, and I guess perhaps started at the Rotunda.  We were pulled out of line by a Ford rep and a photographer who asked if they could photograph my brother and sister - we said yes, of course. As I recall, we were told it was to be used in a Ford Christmas publication - but we’re no longer sure about which one - or if it ever appeared.

Several other photos were taken as well, and we were sent black and white copies.  This is the first time I’ve seen a color version.  I’d love to find a copy of the publication in which this appeared (a surprise for my brother and sister) - if it appeared at all.

Can you shed any light on where I might look - for the publication or a copy of the photo itself?  Peter J

Big Rich Dorris
Hudsons was the place. My Dad was a Traffic Cop in Downtown D-Town. His corner was Farmer & Monroe by Crowleys, I'd take the Fenkel Bus Downtown alone, meet him and get some new shoes, no Malls back then......

I was 6 year's old when I first went to the Rotunda with my Aunt Lena and my school class from Whittier Elem in Royal Oak, MI. I thought I was one special little girl walking into a fanasty land where only good boy's and girl's were allowed. After that visit to The Rotunda, the Detroit Zoo came in last in my book.

On December 2, 1957, this image of the interior J.L. Hudson and Co. Department Store was captured as it was decorated for Christmas. Two angels hover over a retail display of Kings Men products, and large arches of tinsel, ornaments and twinkle lights adorn the aisle ways of the store.

My next special memorie of my childhood is going down to Hudson Department store on Woodward Ave in Detroit with my Aunt to see Santa. I would have loved for my Daughter and Son to have seen The Rotunda and have had a visit with Santa at Hudson Dept. store. Oh how time has changed.

Ken S
Went there every year as a kid with my brother. Great Christmas Fantasyland (Wee Willie Winkie was my favorite). Disney cartoons, all the new cars, and Santa. In Detroit, the real Santa was either at Hudson's downtown or at the Ford Rotunda. We went with the Rotunda Santa each year.

Pam Sherrock
Our family went there every year! We were always allowed to invite a friend to go with us............so looked forward to going every Christmas!

Gillian Swartz 
We used to go to Hudson's at Christmas. It was like nowhere else in the world (in my mind, anyway).


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