When Chris Jones was 27 and alcoholic he was faced with a choice.... go to rehab or die...

Make Music Or Die
By Jonezen

It’s been a long road getting to where I am: Hip Hop Artist Of The Year at the 2013 Los Angeles Music Awards. This portion of my career started in rehab. The rest…we’ll fill you in on later. BUT, I suppose a little back story is in order.


Started off with a hip-hop group called Outta-Control. That was not only the band name but also a motto for living. By the age of 26 that lifestyle almost killed me and my liver was shutting down to due EXCESSIVE drinking.

I chose rehab but ONLY on the condition that I find a treatment center that would let me bring my recording studio. If I couldn’t my plan was to continue drinking, lease a crappy room at a hotel/apartment complex with my remaining cash (I was about to be homeless too) and record what would be my last songs.

Before dying I planned on mixing and mastering the album, leaving a note for my brother instructing him to print the album and tell my story. I know…grandiose, stupid, embarrassing, all of the above. (And frankly it’s only a story people give a shit about NOW because I am here to tell it) BUT…I didn’t die. After looking at several rehabs and being shot down I finally found one that would let me bring my studio.

Now, how the hell did I get them to let me do that? And the answer is a instant connection with the owner. I’m not sure what it was but I liked him and he liked me. Even though I was blackout drunk at the time... I still remember bits and pieces of our encounter.

The Director and I sat down, talked briefly, and I popped the question. After looking at me a little taken back, he replied something along the lines of , “you can bring your studio, but no speakers”. I told him we had a deal. I checked into rehab about two days later at his facility in Los Angeles.

With no clue that checking into rehab would save my career and take it to an entirely new level. I thought my life was over, career over, not knowing what was next, who I was, or who I was going to be. But, I had my studio. That was all I needed.

Music is something that has been a part of me since I was born. Something I can't quit. And believe me, I was ready to die if I couldn’t find a place that would allow me to bring my gear. I was ready to keep drinking, recording, and stay caught in the downward spiral that led me to Rehab's door in the first place.

Sooner, rather than later, my liver would have failed and my life and music would die. Nothing would be as it is today. And today, life is good. Stay tuned…the best is yet to come...

My next album is in the works and dropping in March of 2014.

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