Bad Places to Hide: Where in the Home the Killer Looks First

If a killer is after someone, they know where to look, including the ever-so-obvious ones throughout the home. It’s just part of horror movies, and somewhat of a necessary evil: Stupid actions by the victims ensure they will be caught by the killer and die. It's where horror and drama meet. In addition to going where they shouldn’t, moving too slowly, and sometimes being just plain clumsy, most potential murder victims in movies have a moment of common sense that inspires them to hide. But as you might expect, they pick the worst hiding places.

Here are four of the worst hiding places when the killer comes knocking:

The Closet

This one is obvious. With many doors available in a house; many of them leading to the great outdoors with plenty of room to run and scream, the typical movie character will instead choose a door that leads to a tiny enclosed space. Leaving them isolated and trapped with their back against a wall.

 Jamie Lee Curtis

Killers know to look in closets for their prey. And once they find it, they’ve pretty much got it cornered. In the original Halloween from 1978, Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) somehow managed to escape the closet after being discovered there by killer Michael Myers, but all that got her was more terrorization by him for a couple of sequels.
Under the Bed 

Sometimes, this works in the movies. Usually this is because the killer is after somebody else and doesn’t even know anyone is in the house. The trouble for children who hide under the bed is that all the killer has to do is bend down to find the frightened victim.

Take Ginny in Friday the 13th Part 2. Pure clumsiness on Jason's part was the only reason she got away, but the under the bed was not the safest place. While you may survive if you hide under the bed, the hiding place affords a view of things that will really mess you up.

In Bed

Not the smartest place to hide, but a comforting one for those you fear what's out there. In 2004’s The Grudge a character played by KaDee Strickland does, and it doesn’t even come close to working. The killer in this case is a supernatural entity, Kayako, so you have to wonder if hiding from her would ever be possible.

Hiding under the covers wouldn’t even work with a human killer. While Strickland’s character, Susan, is under there, Kayako invisibly gets into bed with her, and then appears in human form, terrorizing Susan with homoerotic suggestion before destroying her.
The Basement 

The basement might work if you’re hiding from a killer in your own house, but if you’re hiding in the killer’s house, it’s probably the first place he’s going to look. This is because he probably has some big secret hiding down there, like his mother in the 1960 classic Psycho. Not only can the basement be full of dark, dangerous things, it also leaves you stranded and alone with very few ways out. Skip the basement and make a run for outside.

AUTHOR: Adrian Rawlings; @adrianrawlings2
BIO: Adrian Rawlings is a TV and horror blogger. Look to him for the scoop on hit movies and TV shows, horror films, tech reviews, how-to guides, and more.

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