Tony is pictured eat Duly's Place

Anthony Bourdain spent time in Detroit visiting various restaurants and interviewing chefs for his show "Parts Unknown" Tony gave Detroit a rave revue which really is a wonderful boost to the city.

"Detroit isn’t just a national treasure. It IS America. And wherever you may live, you wouldn’t be there—and wouldn’t be who you are in the same way—without Detroit."

Bourdain's official Tweeted : "Two Coneys for Bkfst at Duley’s. oxtail at Full Belly’s. BBQ at Vicki's Barbeque and Shrimp. #Detroit." He is referring of course to Duly's Place on Vernor Highway, Full Belly Restaurant on Nevada Street and Vicki's Barbecue and Shrimp on Warren Avenue.

Local food blog Eater Detroit says that Bourdain was also tweeting to area chefs over the weekend, including Brian Polcyn of Birmingham and Roast's Michael Symon. Bourdain complimented the latter on Roast's food and playlist, Eater Detroit says. Parts Unknown/Detroit airs this Sunday 9PM ET/PT on CNN

Duly's Place
5458 W Vernor Hwy, Detroit, MI 48209
Phone:(313) 554-3076

"Detroiters hate what they call “ruin porn.” And it’s understandable the unease and even anger that must come with seeing tourists, gawkers, (and television crews) come to your city to pose giddily in front of abandoned factories, public buildings, the symbols of former empire..." Read AB's full post


Anonymous said...

Love it! Do you know what places he visited and when the show airs?

Retro Kimmer said...

sure thing...he visited Duly’s Place, Full Belly Cafe and Vicki’s Barbecue and Shrimp. Parts Unknown Detroit airs Sunday Nov 10 at 9pm ET/PT on CNN...

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