In 40 years Steve Hunter has never had a feature in Guitar Player Magazine. (How is that possible??) There is always a right time for everything and now is the perfect time for Steve. His album is receiving critical acclaim around the world, he has had tracks played by Paul Jones on his weekly BBC Radio Blues Show in the UK and numerous positive reviews.

The album or tracks from it are contenders in ten Grammy categories this year, a DVD has been filmed for release in the Spring of 2014 plus an album with Ike Stubblefield has just been recorded and will also be released next year.

Michael Molenda spent nearly two hours talking to Ste about his album, his playing and his memories of the early years. Clearly Michael loved the album but he also paid great attention to where it all began and how Steve has evolved into the musician he is now. Get your copy on news stands or subscribe here.

On November 12th Steve was filmed in LA for a BBC documentary about Lou Reed, to be aired before Christmas in the UK. Here is a pic of Steve with award winning filmmaker Chris Rodley, who has produced landmark films on Johnny Cash, Andy Warhol, and published works on film directors David Lynch and David Cronenberg. Despite the sad loss of his friend Lou Reed recently, Steve is looking forward to what is to come in 2014. He is one busy man! Go Deacon!!

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